Managing Your Career

Professional Networking

The Essential/ Golden Rules and the Seven Deadly Sins of Networking
The vast majority of business opportunities come from who you know,
not what you know. Continue

Informational Interviews

Informational interviewing is the due diligence part of your career planning and an important aspect of your professional networking.  
Informational Interviewing is generally understood to be meeting and talking with people who are currently working in the field to gain a better understanding of an occupation or industry -- and to build a network of contacts in that field. Continue

What to do when you are asked your bottom line Salary number
for a position.

This question can spring up near the beginning of a job interview, or anytime throughout the interview process.  Regardless of the circumstances, competent executives will always be prepared to answer the most important question/s that surfaces in a serious dialogue between hiring managers and prospective employees. Continue

Salary Negotiation from the Candidate perspective

What is the most important thing to say after you have been offered a job and received an outline of the compensation?

"Hmmmmmmmm, let me think about it "     NOT     "O.K." Continue

What to do when you are going from Consulting back to
Full Time Employment

1. Don’t undersell yourself – If you are looking to use consulting to find full-time employment at a target company, don’t undervalue your services. A common tendency is to lowball your salary, since you were (presumably) making so much more as a consultant. Continue


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